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In view of the importance of insurance cover, we feel that it necessary to point out the following:

Our vehicles are covered by a third party obligatory policy which covers personal injury to the vehicles’ occupants, and also to third parties. Material damage is also covered with the exception of that to the vehicle itself.

However, by means of our rental contract, our company exonerates our customers from any financial responsibility for damage to the vehicle, or theft of the same. This means that full cover is provided with NO EXCESS , less the group F and I (300€), and with no financial prejudice to the customer..

The above is dependent on the fulfillment of the terms of the contract, and that neither damage nor injury has been caused either intentionally, or by means of grave negligence (careless or dangerous driving, the taking of any substances which may upset or diminish the mental and/or physical capabilities of the driver, etc.) either by an authorized or unauthorized driver.

To contact us: Telephone: +34-971-364-881,Fax: +34-971-367-265

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